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Performing Pre-Trip Form-A Inspection

Standard of Performance 

Everything outside the vehicle (FORMS A, B, C) and Coupling: verbally Tell the examiner what are you inspecting for; however, for the "inside the Cabin" and "Air Brakes" inspections Demonstrate to examiner the inspection you are performing. So when you are INSIDE the vehicle You MUST TELL the examiner what are you doing, why you doing it, what are expecting

Common Vocabulary 

 Here are some abbreviations used throughout the Pre-Trip Inspection; for all metallic/plastic/glass items USE: "Not Broken/Cracked/ or Bent", and Properly Mounted and Secured • “BCB” / “PMS”. As for all Rubber hoses and tires, use: "No Abrasion, Bubbles/Bulges, Cuts, Dry-rot, Frayed, or Kinked - you can remember this as in "ABCDFK”. Anything contains Liquid or Air should be Not-Leaking “NL”, and all metallic parts should be Not Rusted "NR".  You always can say and check more than what’s required– but cannot say less

The Coupling System

Air lines and Electrical Cable

Starts front to back, (a) Airlines are PMS, NL, not kinked, No cuts, no rubbing, firmly attached in the back, NL, the Gladhands are PMS, NL, gaskets and grommets are whole not broken, fittings are secured (2) Electrical Plug-in is firmly plugged, No debris in the prongs; the electrical line is whole, no tapes or splices, no rubbing, PMS the back (Same as front checks)

Fifth Wheel area

(1) Brackets PMS, No missing bolts, no broken welds; the brackets is straight BCB, PMS, NR; the locking-pins are locked in the grooves, (2) Check the air line NL, not kinked or swollen, PMS (3) The platform, the pedestal PMS, BCB, NR; (4) The Release-Arm should release freely, it is straight, BCB, When trailer is connected it should be pushed-in and in the lock position; (5) The Fifth-wheel plate is whole, flat, PMS, BCB, NR, and is well greased; Should be No-Gap between the 5th wheel plate and the trailer apron (6) The trailer apron is BCB-PMS and not separated from the trailer, no holes, NR, flat, greased (7) Back in the 5th wheel area the locking jaws are wrapped around the king-pin, and the king-pin is straight, BCB, not chipped, PMS to the trailer apron with no broken welds to the trailer’s apron

Check Clearance

Chech for suffecient Clearance between the truck-end and the trailers landing gear


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