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Performing Pre-Trip Form-B Inspection

Standard of Performance 

Everything outside the vehicle (FORMS A, B, C) and Coupling: verbally Tell the examiner what are you inspecting for; however, for the "inside the Cabin" and "Air Brakes" inspections Demonstrate to examiner the inspection you are performing. So when you are INSIDE the vehicle You MUST TELL the examiner what are you doing, why you doing it, what are expecting

Pre-Trip inspection is all about repetition

 Each of he three Inspection Forms (A, B, and C) will include an inspection of one axel - that part is almost 50% of the tasks included in each Form; thus, you must know how to inspect an axel, and since they are all about the same, the task is a repetition.  Certain Vocabulary is also repeated throughout the performance of inspection to describe the "Condition" or "Status" of the item you are inspecting.

Common Vocabulary 

 Here are some abbreviations used throughout the Pre-Trip Inspection; for all metallic/plastic/glass items USE: "Not Broken/Cracked/ or Bent", and Properly Mounted and Secured • “BCB” / “PMS”. As for all Rubber hoses and tires, use: "No Abrasion, Bubbles/Bulges, Cuts, Dry-rot, Frayed, or Kinked - you can remember this as in "ABCDFK”. Anything contains Liquid or Air should be Not-Leaking “NL”, and all metallic parts should be Not Rusted "NR".  You always can say and check more than what’s required– but cannot say less

Form-B Inspection

Inspect the Exhaust System

This inspection covers the truck from Driver’s side door and Fuel tank to the rear of the vehicle including the Exhaust system, and undercarriage of the vehicle. Start at the passenger-side of the vehicle with the exhaust system, YOU MUST inspect the Exhaust from the "Turbo" under the hood to the end of the stalk.

Raise the Hood – Start at passenger side then go to Driver side. Point to the Turbo  – PMS/NL; No signs of Soot indicating leaks, follow the pipes and ducts under the cabin, PMS/NR/NL, no missing hardware; to the stalk: PMS/ bracing are secured, not bent, NR; Stalk is PMS/BCB, NL/NR.

Driver side: (a) The door PMS, not damaged, should properly open and close, the hinges are PMS/ NR, no bolts are missing, the door rubber-seal is not ripped, cut, or torn, (b)The mirror mounting brackets PMS/BCB, the mirror is BCB/PMS, clean, no illegal stickers (c) the Fuel Tank, NL, PMS/BCB, NL, NR; Fuel Cap properly closes and latches, NL, and it is equipped with rubber seal and chain inside; the metallic bands Bolts are tight, and the rubber separating the tank from the bands is present PMS. (d) “IF PRESENT” - The Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Tank, NL, PMS/BCB, NL, NR; the Cap properly closes and latches, it is equipped with rubber seal; the metallic bands Bolts are tight; (e) The steps, BCB/PMS, No oil/grease/debris; (f) The Frame of the Vehicle is straight, NR, no illegal holes or welds, BCB, all bolts are tight, the cross-members are straight PMS/BCB no missing/loose bolts, (g) The Catwalk is BCB/PMS, No oil/grease/debris; (h) The Driveshaft (undercarriage) is straight, NR, BCB, the U-Joints bolts are tight, no debris, PMS/BCB no missing/loose bolts, the driveshaft carrier bearing PMS/BCB

Axel Components: Suspension, Break, and Wheels 

Suspension Parts – INSPECT: (a) Spring Mounts (Front and Rear) BCP-PMS, Bushing are not torn or missing,(b) Leaf-springs are BCB-PMS, aligned/Not shifted, NR, (c) U-Bolts are BCB-PMS, Not shifted, NR, (d) Shock Absorbent is  straight, BCB-PMS, NL.

 Break Parts – Inspect: (a) Break Air-Hoses, Fittings are PMS/ABCDFK/NL, (b) Break Chamber BCB-PMS/NL/NR, Band is tied, PMS (c) Push Rod, Straight, should not travel more than ONE inch when paddle depressed, , BCB/PMS/NR, (d) Slack Adjuster, Straight, BCB/PMS/NR, properly secured to the back of the push rod, (e) The Drum (inside the wheel) PMS, BCB, NR, Not Welded, No holes, the surface is smooth, free of oil and grease; (f) Break lining (Pads) are sufficient – at-least ¼ inch thick, PMS, not chipped, free of oil/grease/fluid

 Wheel Parts – Inspect: (a) The tire PMS/NL/ABCDFK, has at-least 2/32 tread depth, no nails, no flat (bold) spots, no uneven wearing;(b) the walls of the tires (inside/outside) have Not Splits, cuts/Bubbles; (c) the valve stem is straight/NL, Cap is present and PMS, SAY "I will check tire pressure with a gage for proper inflation", (d) The Rim has good bead to the tire, BCB/NR, Not Welded, PMS, Lug-nuts – non is missing, are tight with no signs or rust or metallic debris; and (e) Axel Seal, PMS, NL/NR, nuts – are tight and non is missing


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