The Path to CDL

Getting a CDL is a Process

Medical Certification Requirements

All Commercial Driver License holders must certify to their Medical Certification Status. For additional information please visit Texas DPS Website for information regarding Medical Certification Requirements


Knowledge Test

The knowledge tests are multiple choice and matching type tests. A person must answer 80% of the questions correctly prior to taking the skills test. Sequence of the Knowledge exams: ? Texas Commercial Rules ? General Knowledge ? Combination (if required) ? Airbrakes (if required)? Double/Triple Trailer (if required)? Passenger (if required) ? School Bus (if required)? Tanker (if required)? HazMat (if required)

Safety Inspection

Before the driver begins his skills test the examiner will conduct a safety inspection of the vehicle. This will include equipment requirements, liability insurance requirements, and registration requirements. If the vehicle does not pass inspection, the skills test will be postponed.

Skills Test

All drivers of CMV’s must have the knowledge and skills necessary to operate a CMV safely. The required Skills Tests (road test) consists of three sections: Pre-trip vehicle inspection, basic vehicle control, and safe on-road driving skills. Each section of the skills test must be passed before taking the next section.

Road Test

A driver must take a Road Test in the vehicle he plans to drive or one in the same class. The Road Test will consist of the following maneuvers: 1. Start; 2. Quick Smooth Stop; 3. Parallel Parking; 4. Backing; 5. Upshifting; 6. Downshifting; 7. Lane Change; 8. Merge; 9. Use of Lanes 10. Right-of-Way; 11. Posture; 12. Approach to Corner; 13. Traffic Signals; 14. Traffic Signs; 15. Left Turns; 16. Right Turns

Pass or Fail

The official conducting the examination will guide the driver through the Road Tests. If the driver successfully performs the required maneuvers, he/she will be issued a Commercial Driver License. If not, he/she will be required to take the Road Test again another day. The following factors will result in failure of the Road Test: Having too many deductions (more than 30) Having or causing an accident Driving dangerously Not cooperating Violating the law